Day 5

Lentil Soup with Six Vegetables from Janet’s Quick From Scratch Cookbook
Janet had to run out for an emergency golf shirt purchase at Old Navy. I got to do all the cooking.

When we were at the T&T market last weekend, we picked up gai choy because we didn’t expect to find escarole, for which the recipe called. We didn’t taste it until tonight, and we were surprised to find it tasted spicy, like horseradish. It complimented the lentils. According to Hormel, gai choy is related to mustard.

The La Vieille Ferme was one of our better wine picks—balanced and tannic. I wasn’t familiar with the CĂ´tes du Ventoux region. It’s a good value that I’ll buy again.

Day 4 consisted of leftovers if you were wondering.


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