Beef ‘n Bok Choy

Grilled Hoisin-Soy Steaks with Shiitake and Bok Choy

Who cares about dinner?! Marc gave me an iPod nano!! The making of this dinner is a mystery to me because I was deeply engrossed in figuring out all the features, testing all the functions and then downloading innumerable songs, audiobooks and photos. That thing is bloody brilliant. But I digress.

When I finally tore my eyes away from my new toy, Marc had set this plate full of good food in front of me and directed me to open the wine. No complaints here. Despite some failed attempts at toasting the sesame seeds (why is toasting nuts and seeds such a challenge for us? we put things under the broiler and promptly forget they are there), and some exclamations of frustration at said attempts, the end result was very good. The rib-eyes were marinated and then broiled to a perfect pink-in-the-middle-doneness and the bok choy, broiling alongside the meat, was cooked but still crunchy. See the shiitakes? Those ended up being nicely soft and absorbant for the yummy sauce which ended up all over everything and added just the right amount of sweetness and a kind of smokiness, I think. It was a big plate-full and yet I had no trouble consuming it all- what a shock.

What was the wine? Um, again, something red. I forget. I have to listen to music, now.


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