At Least It’s Home-Made

Pizza with Roasted Garlic, Bell Peppers and Two Cheeses.
Somehow it seems we’ve been eating a lot of pizza lately. Not that I’m complaining, I mean, one really can’t go too far wrong with pizza. This one in particular, I would rate as ‘Like’ (see The Continuum of Like in Last Gasp of Summer).

I think the roasted garlic is the key ingredient here. Plus, the smell of garlic roasting in the oven that permeates the whole apartment is an added bonus. All the other ingredients, on their own, were pretty plain but, added together = ‘Like’. At any rate, we didn’t have any leftovers, so that’s a sign.

We used ricotta cheese instead of feta on this pizza because we had ricotta and no feta. Also, I made a home-made pizza dough for this from Oprah’s In The Kitchen With Rosie cookbook; it’s easy to make and produces a nice, thin crust, which I prefer. The pre-made ones from the store always seem kind of soggy and expensive. Nothing expensive should ever be soggy.

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