Like, Totally Lame

Beef StirfryVisits to Grocery Stores for Fish Sauce = 4

Fish Sauce Obtained = 0

God, this was boring. Not only could we not find fish sauce anywhere (sold out, not carried, etc.), we didn’t have white wine the recipe called for, I forgot to add the sesame oil and we completely forgot to buy fresh ginger. The price we paid for these errors was a bland, boring old stir fry which was kind of a waste of good beef and nice tomatoes.

Speaking of foolish, I find it amusing that Kim Jong-Nam, who was in line to be the successor to his father’s position in North Korea, used a fake passport to try to sneak into Japan. The reason why risked his future as leader of his nation? He wanted to go to Disneyland. Seems worth the risk, no?

On a completely unrelated note, I have to share my pleasure in a particular wine and am too lazy to write a separate post.

nntech-label-1999.jpgHolly arranged for us to try one of the 1999 Napanook that she had squirreled away at the restaurant. “The 1999 season amidst ‘La NiƱa’ saw a dry winter, cold spring and mild summer. The long growing season resulted in even ripening of the fruit, which achieved the quality, distinctive flavors and balanced desired. The small berry size decreased the yield, but increased the intensity. New oak was used sparingly to respect the fruity characteristics.” Loved it.

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