LambSeveral weeks ago I found a recipe for Leg of Lamb Stuffed with Greens and Feta. We’ve been putting it off for a special occasion despite boneless leg of lamb costing the same as the free range chicken breast we buy from our butcher. Monday wasn’t a special occasion exactly. I was celebrating Family Day, which I get off and Janet works. The original plan was to prep the meal before Janet arrived home. A huge lunch and an afternoon of computer games resulted in no preparation until well into the evening. Thankfully Janet was willing to help.

Adaptations to the recipe were required to accommodate half a boneless leg of lamb. I separated the two muscles, removed the silver skin, and butterflied the meat. This made a nice pocket for the stuffing. String held the mass together in a pretty bundle. After some review of the recipe it appeared that I could have prepped the meat on Sunday, but it was then too late for even a marinade. In the end, we didn’t miss it.

Wow, best lamb ever. One of the best meats I’ve ever had. The lamb wasn’t gamey in the least. The fennel mellowed out in the cooking process. The goat feta complimented the lamb perfectly, adding just the right amount of salt. The lamb was cooked to perfection, still pink but the stuffing cooked through.

The potatoes were another story. We didn’t print the recipe, so Jan just winged it. They didn’t quite cook enough. Lemon zest was a great idea, but burned a bit in the oven. A few tweaks to the recipe and it would be very good.

Our next dinner guests will be served this dish, so start sucking up.

2 Responses to “Ce-lamb-bration”

  1. Carol Christopher Says:

    Hi Marc & Janet !!! Just found your email “Sybarites” & have only had time to browse your opening food entry –for family computer claim reasons. I LOVE it !! I can’t wait to get into your website & check it all out…I’m going to have a ball keeping up to date on you guys.I always knew you were meant for good cooking , Marc, when you used to make those deep fried donut things when you were little. Your Mom had informed me about you guys doing some fantastic meals when she visited ! She is looking forward to having Sam visit her soon !! Send me a regular email address to contact you, OK? Now, I must go get my day settled so that I can get into your website & have a very entertaining few hours . Hope you both have a truly incredible world adventure !! Much love, Auntie Carol

  2. Carol Christopher Says:

    Just found your photos—Can’t WAIT to get into them all !!!! You look fantastic, Marc, & SO happy !! Janet, you’re lovely! You’re a great couple—Be Happy !!! Auntie Carol again.