Hmm, I Detect a Pattern

Stuffed Pork ChopsAn alignment of planets resulted in stuffed meat two days in a row. Day two’s Stuffed Pork Chops were exceptionally good, though not quite in the same league as the stuffed lamb. America’s Test Kitchen often tries to make good on some terrible, classic American dishes. They came through on this one.

I’m not sure what made the chops so moist—the butcher, the stuffing or the cooking method. The butcher provided thick meaty rib chops. The stuffing tasted of garlic, and the cream gave it a smooth texture. Searing the meat in the pan followed by fifteen minutes in the oven kept the juices in.

Given more time we would have made some apple sauce or gravy to go with them. They were still satifying on their own. I particularly liked the pretty oval slices.

Every other time I’ve eaten pork chops a large pile of fat, gristle and bone was left on my plate. I had to point out to Janet that the large strip from around the edge was nearly all meat. Sammy pointed out to us that Janet’s pork chop bone also had a large quantity of meat remaining. This caused me to start gnawing on my own. Only a small rib bone and a few small scraps of fat were left.

The smashed potatoes were also expecially good for some reason. The green beans had seen better days.

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