O Siren of Stupid

The polenta has foiled me for the last time!  The clouds of stupidity have lifted and I can see the light- or rather, see my mistake.  Previously, I had been bringing the water to a boil and then whisking in the polenta where it would promptly clump together and, for all intents and purposes, be done.  I totally should have added the polenta and water to the pot at the same time and THEN brought everything to a boil, then simmered it for many minutes.    Sometimes, I forget how blonde I can be.

Mushrooms, Swiss Chard and Pancetta on PolentaThus, we have Kale and Mushrooms with Creamy Polenta.  (Click on the link!  Do it! Do it!  Our picture looks just like the real one!)  Marc left me alone to make this;  it was foolish of him to trust me, really. The cloud of stupid had only just lifted, vis à vis the polenta.  And this is why I looked at the recipe, read “kale”, and took Swiss chard out of the fridge.   Inexplicable.   We had both.  I know which one is kale.  I am just challenged.

However, I followed the directions, blissfully ignorant of my mistake, and managed to produce quite a good meal.   Wild mushrooms sautéed with garlic, a little browned pancetta and its associated fats, some blanched Swiss chard;  when mixed with a little thyme and lemon and perched on top of a creamy dollop of parmesan-ed polenta, these ingredients made for a very pleasing meal.   And as I’m eating it, I’m thinking “Hey- this makes a pretty decent vegetarian entrée.”  And lo, the clouds descended once more unto the valley of my mind.

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