My Attitude, Like Swiss Chard, Is Bitter

kaleSo, this is the recipe that called for Swiss chard but for which we had to use kale because of this whole incident.   Anyway, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference as they were equally satisfactory meals.

We have been, admittedly, quite reticent in our blogging of late.  I blame the typhoid.  And the stress associated with the travel preparations, which have most recently involved a lot of website modifications (then fixes, then additions, then more modifications), thousands and thousands of painful needles in our arms, booking accommodations in our first destination and sorting out exactly what we should be doing to get a visa for China and for Russia.  Ultimately, we have made mountains out of mole hills.  I hope we can both learn to chill the fuck out on this journey.

And this segues nicely into a suggestion to check out the RTW Travel section of our site/blog.  I have had to learn how to use HTML, it’s been that crazy.

Unrelated to food at all, I learned a new word today:  invidious.   It means to provoke envy or ill will.  I shall use it in a sentence:  “It would seem that, to some people, my descriptions of our travel plans is rather invidious.”    Those people are anxiously awaiting the day they will win the lottery.

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