Lobster Trio

My father arrived in town with fresh lobster, straight off the boat. Janet and I insisted on Flambeed Pan-Roasted Lobster from America’s Test Kitchen, which we’ve made three times. Rather than steaming the lobster for 20 minutes, it’s cooked in the pan for 3 minutes, under the broiler for 2 minutes and then flambeed. The meat is cooked, but very delicate. Steamed lobster is tough by comparison.

Of course, you require strong constitution to kill and chop up live lobsters. We were a little hestitant the first time, but now it’s not a big event–unless someone is watching. I just drive the knife through the lobster’s head and then cut the entire body in two. The tail is removed and the claws broken for easy access later. My brother took a video of the process, which I hope to post. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of the final dish.

The tamale was saved and then mixed with butter and tarragon for the sauce. It’s incredibly good.


We also had a couple of extra lobsters to use up. My favorite way to eat lobster growing up was on toast with a simple white sauce. It’s a economical way to use leftover lobster. The sauce is mostly milk thickened with flour. Some butter was used to cook the flour. Salt and pepper finished it off.

IMG_2551.jpgFor breakfast, I filled a herb omlette with lobster and green onions. It was ok. Nothing too exciting compared to the previous two.

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