Transition Post

IMG_2533.jpgToday we move from documenting our recipes to documenting our travels, from weekly menus to schedules. Our pots and pans are in boxes, our fridge is empty, our bags are packed. We will experience the culinary adventures of road-side stands and back alley restaurants. Our blog won’t be limited to epicurian delights and nerdly musings, but neither will it contain long rants about uncomfortable trains.

We will We will not
Document unique events Document transportation
Describe street corners and alleys Describe cities
Write about interesting people Bitch about rude people
Post at least once a week Post once a month
Take ourselves lightly Write about our evolving self-awareness
Make it interesting for those who read it Dump all our problems on our friends
Have a photo for every post Write essays
Post a lot about food Post only about food

The last year has been the best of my life. I can’t remember being more happy, but my Buddhist readings tell me not be attached. There are even more exciting and fulfilling experiences to come.

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