My Breakfast Angel

Now that we are both working from home, in our office/dining room/guest bedroom, we seem to have more opportunity for making an actual breakfast. I’ve long been an eater of breakfast but 90% of the time, it used to consist of plain oatmeal or whole wheat toast with just a suggestion of peanut butter, eaten at my desk at work. Marc used to stop at the Starbucks on his walking route to work for a slab of carrot cake, and this was breakfast. One of us was far too plain and sensible about this meal and one of us was arguably eating dessert first thing in the morning every day. Things are different, now.

The first thing that has made such a monumental difference in our lives is the lack of commute. Two hours a day has been reclaimed for things like sleep, and breakfast and dog walking and -somewhat regrettably- TV. Until we lived without the commute, I didn’t quite realize all the time saved from that aggravating part of the day. Hate traffic, hate cold, dark mornings. Now, we’re practically livin’ the dream, sleeping in until 7:30, starting the day with cappuccini, and working at least the first quarter of the day in our pj’s. And sometimes, if one of us is feeling particularly hungry, we launch into a full-fledged meal for breakfast.

One of my recent faves was the occasion on which we happened to have fresh raspberries and Marc decided to make Raspberry-Topped Lemon Muffins. These made me especially happy, having eaten them warm, sitting at the breakfast table/conference table in the sun with the pup at my feet. Turns out they also make an excellent conference call snack.


cimg7172.jpgOnce in a while, a truly decadent item makes its way into the office in the morning: Spiced Hot Chocolate. Wow. Wo-how. Nothing like drinking CREAM in the morning. This is so rich, I can only finish half a cup at a time, which is outrageous considering I’m not normally one to stop short on a dessert. Marc adds cardamom to this recipe too and I have to say that it makes it divine, a solid rush of sweet and aromatic flavours. This too, seems to make any conference call that much better. I’m not a fan of the conference call but good food can make any task better.

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