Arguably, art should mimic life and not the other way around.   And arguably, advertising is not really art.   Yet, I purposely arrange my morning coffee to mimic an ad I once saw for Starbucks, trying to sell their beans for people to brew at home.   The image was of one small, rickety folding chair set on a back step of a house in what looked like it could be a garden; on the chair sat a folded section of newspaper and a large Starbucks mug.  The caption  was something like “Coffee for one.”

I’m not a regular ‘bucks drinker anymore, but I never forgot that ad.    Here, in this flat, I find an opportunity to approximate this scenario-  my coffee, my reading material of choice, our wee, cozy garden in the morning sun.



…and a dog nose sniffing through the bedroom window.


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