Top 10 Signs of SF Assimilation

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

10. While out walking, I consider it normal that more people say hello to the dog than to me.

9.  I can parallel park on a 20% grade hill.

8.  There is nothing that cannot be recycled.  Even if it means paying to arrange for the old mattress to be picked up, torn apart and made into vertical tomato vine skeletons.

7.  “The iPhone says to turn left two blocks ahead and the Whole Foods should be on the right.”

6.  When there are no parking spots,  one of us continually drives around the block until the other has finished the grocery shopping.

5.  We eat 150% more avocado than in Canada.

4.  “The Prius has a quarter tank of gas left, we don’t need to fill up.”

3.  Cocktails are organic.

2.  I can mentally calculate how long it will take to arrive a destination if the distance is displayed in miles instead of kilometers.

1.  Our largest and most exciting purchase last month was a KitchenAid® stand mixer, with which we can now make even more homemade whole grain bread and artisanal pizza crust.