No Pressure

And now, we return to India – kind of – with Chicken Coconut Curry Soup. Hmm. On second thought, maybe this is Malaysian. At any rate, it’s authentic; I can tell because the recipe called for eight minutes in the pressure cooker. Those don’t see much use inside North America (relative to the microwave, anyway) but I understand that they are very much a staple tool of the non-Western world. Frankly, I’m not even sure I would recognize a pressure cooker if I saw one in real life. The first two words that pop into my mind are: dangerous and 1950’s. Like James Dean. Or drag racing. What does one even look like? [enter Interweb]

Clearly, this is the fancy-pants Paris Hilton of the pressure cooker world because it is shiny and coordinated:

And this is it’s ugly medieval cousin, Iron Maiden Pressure Cooker:

And crazy, old Aunt Betsy:

But I digress. Lacking a pressure cooker, Marc opted for a gentler method of simmering the chicken in cocount milk, chicken broth, lemongrass and curry. Chicken thighs are always a good choice for soup and they didn’t let us down. It’s true that the cooking time was a fair bit longer than if we had been using Old Besty, but it wasn’t unreasonable and affected a pretty mean curry soup. A quick squirt of lime before serving was perfection.

Incidentally, we polished off a bottle of La Vieille Ferme with a couple of healthy helpings of the curry. Again, with La Vieille Ferme. What can I say except that it is great and inexpensive and made even greater by the fact that we get a discount if buying twelve or more. Eleven more to go!

P.S. Notice, we finally got the macro function of the camera to work.

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