Beefing Up

IMG_2513.jpgIn anticipation of a near future with little or no access to beef, we have been consuming an extrodinary amount lately. It’s hard to know whether or not we’ll be eating alot of beef in Asia, because I understand it’s pretty expensive, but I figure we’re also pretty spoiled with the beef we get here in Canadian-Texas. How can other beef compare? Undoubtedly, Kobe beef is better but it’s also most definitely beyond our price range.
And so, as we count down the days until departure for Taiwan, we make more and more of our favourites, one of which is bbq’d steak. Lamentably, we don’t have a bbq and, for this meal, we put the heat to a bison rib eye, which I guess technically doesn’t count as beef. It was a small steak, this bison, and prepared very simply with just a little ground Montreal steak spice rub and fried, but holy smokes, every bite was dreamy. Whew- I am gonna MISS good steak.

With it, we had some roasted potatoes and I dragged out an old recipe I have for braised endive that I got from a cooking class I took ages ago, called Quick French Cooking. Ironic that braised veggies are considered “quick” (obviously, the cooks of this course have yet to be subjected to microwaveable kd) but they were a nice, creamy compliment to the bison.

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