Indian Cooking 101

As if being the actual city where they actually filmed Octopussy (!) wasn’t enough, we have spent many beautiful evenings in Udaipur watching the sunset from our hotel’s rooftop patio overlooking the lake (and palaces) while sipping our G&Ts. We’ve consumed yet more good food and met some new people.

CIMG2415.JPGOne friend we met, Krishna, was able to arrange for us to learn how to cook real Indian food from a lady who lives here.  Our attempts at making Indian food at home have been hit and miss because we don’t know exactly how to cook things, what some ingredients are and how the finished products should taste.

At least now, after joining Krishna on an early morning trip to the farmer’s market in town…


…and after having joined Hashouna in her kitchen at home…


…we have a much better idea of what to do.   With the exception of the take-out food we had at Dave & Karen’s in Halifax, Hashouna’s was the best Indian food I have eaten.  I look forward to attempting palak paneer again, now that I’ve tasted the best.


3 Responses to “Indian Cooking 101”

  1. Allie Tulick Says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m looking for natural
    aphrodisiac ingredients.
    Perhaps you could help me
    since yer in the land of Kama Sutra.
    Lots of Love & Support,
    p.s. I quit Nellies almost a year ago.
    Missing those aphrodisiac mini muffins of mine?

  2. Marc Robichaud Says:

    Hi Allie,

    Good to hear from you. Those muffins were an aphrodisiac? That explains those crazy nights at the Ship and how I snagged a great girl like Janet. Is that what keeps you looking so young?

    We can’t get enough of the tiger penis in all it’s forms: tea, stew, ice cream or just a long chewy stick. Whatever you do, don’t believe those people that say the leopard it just as good. My beard has been growing back every day since I tried it. You can also try venom of the coconut crab (, my favorite crustean. It really makes me feel like a man when I wack it with a cricket bat and hall it back to our hut. It’s no tiger penis, but it gets me going for a few hours. We’ll keep looking for others and will bring you a big bag in April.


  3. chantalle & bob Says:

    Hey world travelers,
    Thanks for the postcard! Was so nice of you to think us. Not to much has changed around here, the beef is tasting a good as ever!
    Safe travels,
    Chantalle and Bob
    Second to None Meats