Simply Espresso

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Since the DeLonghi espresso machine we currently use is now approaching six years of age, Marc is starting to hint at buying a new one.  For every day of every year since we’ve had it (except the year spent travelling) this machine has brewed up at least two cappuccini in the morning.  Marc has calculated that we’ve used it over 1ooo times.  Considering I paid $40 for it, used, 6 years ago, I figure it doesn’t owe us anything.  That works out to about, what,  2¢/cappuccino!?    But now the seal is starting to go and it’s getting a little too finicky…

The espresso machine is actually the only thing that has a permanent home on our one small countertop.   And I mean the only thing.   We both have an affinity for minimalist design, so any surface area in our whole flat has minimal permanent residents.   (On my desk, only the small desk lamp, the monitor and a framed print live here permanently.)  So by combining the need for a new espresso machine with the requirement that it be as unobtrusive as possible, I think I’ve found a viable contender: the Stelton 898 Simply Espresso.


Pros:  It’s tiny, it’s shiny, it’s European (upon this point I shall infer that it makes a decent tasting espresso), it looks really simple to use, and would take up no more than its fair share of countertop space.   Because it’s battery-operated, it could even come to the breakfast table with us!

Cons: no milk frother (duh), $289, and does it only make one double shot?  Must one use those wretched coffee pods?   How much does it cost to replace the battery?   Of course, Stelton also sells the appropriate accoutrements, including a milk frother.

This may not be the choice, but it’s fascinating to see the innovation.