Exhibits A and B

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

If I had invented meatloaf, I would’ve come up with a better name. “Meatloaf”. It is what is says, but isn’t there anything better? “Beeflog”? Hmmm… no. “Pork in Shape of Pan”? Um. “Beefyslab”? I kind of like that one; and if it has pork: “Beporkyslab”. Now it sounds fun, and kind of Eastern Bloc, which is not a combination you will often come across.

So, Exhibit A, is the America’s Test Kitchen version of meatloaf, which turned out to be more complex than it needed to be. And involved giant tubs of ketchup. Vats. So much ketchup that I wonder the whole thing didn’t taste of same. It is pictured here with tomato salad with homemade blue cheese dressing. Not unpleasant, satisfying, befitting of the title “Beporkyslab”.


Exhibit B (not pictured) is from a recipe from a work-mate who fancies himself a chef at heart. This was more of a jelly-roll affair, with blanched veg tucked into the middle with soft cheese and prosciutto. Really, anything that involves cheese and prosciutto can hardly be bad. It’s almost cheating- of course it’s going to be good! It’s pork on pork action! Certainly a far and welcome cry from Exhibit A, in all its ketchupness. The one to beat is still the meatloaf at Diner Deluxe in Calgary, located conveniently on the former route home from work. Perhaps I will find or fashion something comparable someday.