Day 1

We love Monty Burns.

Sea Bass with Citrus and Soy
Apparently, I was to have tasted this nearly a year ago when Marc cooked it one night when we were first dating; he hoped I would come by but I was busy dating three other men and two women so didn’t join him for dinner. My loss—this was a lovely way to honour The Sea Bass. Plus, it was so recycle-y: the marinade for the fish was re-used as the liquid to steam it and then, when the fish was done (to perfection), the liquid was reduced to make the sauce. And because of the pretty, little scallions flirting their way across the top of the fish and the udon noodles, we decided to take a picture and start a blog. Hence, Day 1.

Tangy Eggplant, Long bean, and Cherry Tomatoes with Roasted Peanuts
I started this salad on my own and when Marc came into the kitchen, he asked, “What smells like feet?” We tried to determine from whence the smell came and narrowed it down to either ‘roasted peanuts’ or ‘fish sauce’. Smart money is on the latter. Anyway, despite the feet sauce and the eggplant, with whom Marc has a tenuous relationship, it was really tangy (see recipe title). The long beans were worth the 20 minute drive to the asian market ’cause they were all crunchy (and because we saw cleaned TURTLE in its shell wrapped in plastic on a styrofoam tray. It had no head.)

We drank Ruffino Chianti. To quote Marc: “It’s whatever. Uninspired. I’ve had it a billion times.” It didn’t contradict The Sea Bass nor the long bean but it didn’t do them any favours.

Visual Accompaniment: nothin’. We didn’t even turn on the TV; we watched Sam beg for food instead.


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    You’re making me hungry.