Day 2

No BBQ? No problem.

Caramelized Corn with Onions and Red Bell Peppers
Marc, being the wonderful person that he is, made this whole meal all by hisself. My back was strained (not at all related to the sexcapades) so he took 2 hours out his life to concoct this purtty meal. As side dishes go, the corn was very tasty; Marc will definitely be making this again. I think it helped that he had gotten most of the ingredients at the farmer’s market in Cochrane so they were bright and big and very fresh. And, for the record, let me just state, that my directions to the farmer’s market were quite clear and that any wrong turns that may have been made (whilst I was enjoying coffee with Chris A.) were entirely due to operater error. That being said, I couldn’t ask for a better chef/partner who would build a whole, precious dinner while periodically checking on me in my pathetic, back-strained, Sex-in-the-City-watchin’, wine-medicated state.

Sweet and Tangy Oven-Barbecued Chicken, courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen
This receipe is one we saw demonstrated before ever attempting construction. On TV, we watched America’s Test Kitchen build this chicken for all of us poor people who do not have a balcony nor backyard and, consequently, do not have a barbecue. Sadly, we have lived ONE ENTIRE SUMMER with no access to any form of barbecue. That being said, we have been blessed by His Noodly Appendage with this version of oven-barbecued chicken that actually almost replicates what you would expect from a grill. Marc made the skin-on version, which is fine, if you like eating skin. Actually, I have to admit that even though I don’t appreciate skin-eating, this was still excellent, as the butcher gave us the free-run chicken breasts. Indeed, the sauce told us to put it into a wee bowl and dip pieces of the delicious chicken into it. We were in no position to disagree with The Sauce (it is the boss of us) and, as a result, subjected every tidbit of chicken to it. Of course, a barbecue would make this brilliant.

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Made up by Marc! Highly unusual- he didn’t even use a MEASURING SPOON!!- but nonetheless, perfect. That little rosemary plant on our windowsill is actually fulfilling its destiny.

Folonari Valpolicella
Well, who doesn’t love red wine? Though, it’s no Zenato. Marc looks forward to trying the Ripasso but we do not hold our breath. Altogether, non-offensive. (Note: Unlike the majority of North Americans, we have not become wine snobs as a result of having viewed the movie “Sideways”; we were always wine snobs.)

For dessert: what can top a fresh, ripe watermelon, with juices running through your fingers? Maybe sexcapades.

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