Sammich ThumbnailThis is the first post with our new blog. Blogger was a great introduction, but WordPress gives us a lot more options. Particularly, I’m looking forward to using tags. Should you want to look at food postings only, you can click “Food” in the right nav. The image editing and wysiwyg editor are quite impressive too.

While Jan was away over the weekend, I went bread crazy. I made the same ciabatta as last week with a few apricots thrown into the mix. I forgot to coat them in flour after I boiled them, but it worked out ok.

Bob’s Restaurant Bread was nearly a disaster. After spending ten minutes kneading the dough, I realized the second set of yeast was still sitting on the counter. In an attempt to salvage the dough, I mixed the yeast with a small amount of water and worked it into the dough. Miraculously, everything worked fine.

I nearly ruined the tuna sandwiches as well by chopping cilantro instead of parsley. This turned out to be a happy accident. We usaully make tuna sandwiches by going through the fridge for odd bottles and leftovers to mix together. This one had tuna, mayo, créme fraîche, capers, cilantro, celery, basil, garlic and sun dried tomatoes—super tasty.

Update: Comments can now be made without having an account. Thanks to Faith for the note.

2 Responses to “Sammiches”

  1. Faith Says:

    Finally I can comment without having to create an account and log in! Hi Marc (and Janet – nice to meet you) 🙂

    I love the site – partly for the food, but mostly for the little glimpses into your life that it provides. I am glad to see you so happy and content.

    One question though – how do you stay so damn skinny with all of the decadent eating and red wine consumption? Is there an extensive fitness routine required? Share your secrets!

  2. Marc Robichaud Says:

    It’s not so much that we stay skinny as much as we haven’t gained enough weight to classify as not skinny. Would you believe I’ve gained nearly forty pounds since high school? And no, I didn’t gain any height.