In Need of Cheese

Cheese PlateLast week I had an urge to eat cheese, an urge originating in Jan’s training of my palette. I had finally cashed in a gift certificate from the cookbook company, which I received as a present in 2004, for Raincoast Crisp crackers. There was also bread left over from my first bread baking experience.

This all led to the need for a few cheeses and a patĂ© from Janice Beaton. The Brebious Pur Brebis, a French sheeps milk cheese, is now one of our favorites. I can’t quite recall the name of the other two. One was a hard cheese which had just arrived at the store and the other a goat’s milk cheese. Jan could better describe the cheeses. I also picked up the Terrine de Foie with Pink Peppercorns—a little fatty organ meat to finish off the plate.

I had intended to eat this as a little snack. It replaced supper.

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