For Nostalgia Purposes Only

Kraft DinnerWhile at the grocery store I had a craving for Kraft Dinner. I volunteered to eat it while Janet was away for the weekend, but it seemed that she had the same craving. We ate it that day for lunch.

I have a scientific approach to cooking KD, while Jan’s a free-style girl. I cook the pasta for exactly seven minutes, otherwise it’s too mushy. I usually use a little extra butter which must be melted in the microwave to to keep the pasta hot—same with the milk. Everything must be measured.

Since the last time I made KD, Kraft added a second set of “healthy” instructions to cut down on the amount of fat. They suggest to use 1/3 of the butter and add more non-fat milk. If I’m polluting my body with processed food, why would I do that?

As much as I was craving KD, I still expected to be somewhat disgusted when eating it. It was actually a pleasant and satisfying experience. I would like to say that it brought back warm memories of childhood, but my days of bachelorhood were fresher in my mind.

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