O Curry, Where Art Thou?

IMG_2322.jpgMy second interpretation of the master curry recipe from America’s Test Kitcken’s wasn’t nearly as good as the original. This one used the whole spice blend, yogurt instead of tomatoes, zucchini and peas instead of potatoes, and shrimp instead of lamb. There were too few shrimp and too much zucchini. It came out like a zucchini stew with mushy curry spinach sauce.

The leftover yogurt sauce and the basmati gave it a bit more depth. We spent a lot of time picking cardamom pods, cloves and peppercorns out of the final meal. The recipe didn’t say anything about taking them out, and I couldn’t decide when would be a good time. They hid in the final dish and Jan got an unpleasant flavour burst of cardamom.

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