Focaccia Triple-Play

FocacciaI discovered a recipe for focaccia during this week’s meal planning. It was in the same Italian cookbook as the tasty meatballs that we have neglected to post.

Rather than follow the recipes exactly, I used the leftovers and miscellanea in the kitchen to flavour the bread. One third was sun dried tomato and pine nuts; one third was basil and parmesan; and one third was rosemary and sea salt.

I did my best to ruin the whole batch. The cookbook stated to set the oven to 220. I should know that 220 fahrenheit is good for warming plates, not for baking bread. 220 celsius, on the other hand, is quite effective.

I checked the cookbook after 20 minutes and realized my mistake. 20 minutes was suppose to be the entire cooking time. We removed the bread and heated the oven to the correct temperature. Janet did her best to calm me down.

The bread was perhaps a little drier than intended. If I gave it to someone, they probably wouldn’t notice. The herbs and tomatoes dried out more than the dough. Next week I’m going back to Bob’s Restaurant Bread. The flavored breads added variety to the week, but they don’t toast so well. The all purpose flour creates a slightly cakey texture. The chewy texture from bread flour does well in the toaster.

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