Chocolately Goodness

Molten Lava CakesI originally made the Winter-spiced Molten Cocolate Cakes for a dinner party last year. As the name suggests, they are great for a cold winter’s night. The recipe calls for ginger-rum ice cream. Softening ice cream and then folding in ginger and rum is extremely touchy. The ice cream can easily turn to ice. We didn’t even attempt it this time.

I thought the cakes would be hard to make. The outside needs to be cooked enough to hold the cake together and the center must remain raw, but warm. I’ve made them twice without much problems. As long as the batter is cold, it works out well.

Jan’s parents were coming to try the lamb recipe and her mom, Jo-Anne, really likes chocolate. We thought she would enjoy these. There is a lot of coriander, cardamom and cinnamon with a little clove and white pepper. The spices are an interesting addition and add a lot of flavour. The plating would be a little prettier if I had remembered to dust the cake with powdered sugar and top them with candied ginger. Jo-Anne couldn’t resist polishing off her smaller portion but the rest of were unable to work our way through the richness of the cakes.

I’ve been thinking of using similar ingredients and flavours to make a winter-spiced hot chocolate.

One Response to “Chocolately Goodness”

  1. Carol Christopher Says:

    I’m CERTAIN I would have NO problem working my way through the cake! That looks & sounds SOOO good!! And by the way, Marc, is it too late for me to adopt you?? I may easily gain several pounds just checking out your Food section—It’s WAY more fun than a cookbook. Your Mom has just started making a ginger-chocolate bark, and she promised to send me some !! Love, Auntie Carol (PS Your food photography is incredible !!)