Gerry 0 – Marc 1

Grill CheeseI’m sure my score is higher than that, but I haven’t been keeping score until now. When we first started dating Janet had a drunken craving for grilled cheese in the wee hours of the morning. I dutifully accompanied her down empty streets to Gerry’s Diner, previously known as Husky House. It’s part 50s diner, part roadside truck stop and part smoking room. Their use of processed cheese slices is step up from Janet’s use of Cheez Whiz, but she would likely disagree.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare cheese-flavour-oil sandwiches to Grilled Cheese with Smoked Turkey and Avocado. Adding Smoked Turkey and Avocado to a Gerry’s sandwich would surely improve it in powers of 10, so I’ll focus on the other ingredients. Gerry’s from-god-knows-where preservative-laden white bread versus my homemade brown bread: point to me. Dijon versus nothing: point to me. No-name processed cheese slices dyed orange versus Kraft mozzarella: point to me, if only barely.

On the side was a simple arugula salad. We were unfortunately out of pine nuts and I forgot to shave parmesan on top, but it was still tasty. Arugula can hold it’s own and the vinaigrette included champagne vinegar, honey and lemon.

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