Nemo’s Dad

MarlinWe cooked Nemo’s Dad for supper.  (What?!  His name is Marlin!)  Actually, we had intended to make tuna but the fishmonger advised us against buying the stuff she had on display as it was “about to get up and go for a walk”.  Presumably, this meant it was kinda old.  Ergo, we bought two slabs of marlin instead and concocted the orange-ginger sauce to go with.  

Marc was again inspired by the vertical presentations of Made To Order on the Food Network and so he built a platform of white rice for the seared fish.  I made up a sesame vinaigrette for the green beans which I will never be able to replicate, which is probably for the best because it was too salty.   It seems like so long ago that we had this, I can’t even remember what we had to drink with it….  oh, wait- it was wine.

2 Responses to “Nemo’s Dad”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Love the blog! I’ve tried a few of the recipes with great results, and the photos you post are always gorgeous.

    A question: I recently moved to calgary and have yet to find a decent fishmonger. Where do you guys go?



  2. Marc Robichaud Says:

    We’ve tried two:

    They are both downtown because that is where we are. I’ve had more experiece with Boyd’s. You really need to watch the board to see when which fish comes in. They get tuna twice a week.

    As good as Billingsgate was to not sell us the crappy tuna, I can’t help thinking they would have sold it to us in the morning.

    We’ve also bought a lot of fish at the Co-op, but I’m putting a stop to that. We did get some great tuna there one day for the sushi, if you can beleive it.

    Around here you really need to be careful and buy the same day as you cook. I used to live in Halifax where I always enjoyed fish. Here I rarely do. I’m not sure why because most fish you buy has been frozen anyway, even on the coast.