Smells Like Berries In Here

We bought some strawberries on the weekend- beautiful, ripe and red. Who knew that strawberries could be so fragrant, but after rinsing them and setting them out in a bowl to go with our sparkling prosecco, I found this to be so.


Ages ago, Holly told us about a woman she had met who pronounced it “pron-say-co” and now, as a joke, that’s what we’ve started calling it. And you just know that someday, the joke will be forgotten and we will become the person of whom we made fun.

One Response to “Smells Like Berries In Here”

  1. Kim/Mitch/Mia Says:

    Smells like berries here, too. Mia’s been in the patch, eating them like crazy, and when I pick her up to carry her reluctantly away, her clothes and hair and breath all smell like a little strawberry. Ah, summer!