Within Acceptable Parameters

We’ve been making some decent meals lately, if I do say so myself. First, we have Miso-Glazed Sea Bass with Asparagus.


I love that we didn’t have make any substitutions for the ingredients in this recipe, as so often we have had to do in the past. But what do we do with a cup of left-over miso paste?

Another meal that turned out to be surprisingly tasty was the Sausage, Sourdough and Bell Pepper Spiedini.


I’m surprised partly because the recipe didn’t look anything special and because we don’t actually have a BBQ; we do have a George Foreman grill. Never used one of those things before and, for a novelty kitchen applicance, it operated within acceptable parameters. It grilled the veg evenly, though they lack that irreplaceable BBQ flava.

cimg6623-320.jpgLast night, for dessert, I roasted some fresh, Mission figs with honey and cream. If we had a broiler, I would’ve broiled them, like the description in the book, “Under The Tuscan Sun” but we don’t and I didn’t. They were not perfect – and not organic, BTW, even though that option was available at twice the price – but they still tasted lovely.

Also, being the nerd that I am, I’ve also started keeping a wine log online. The idea is that one can keep a personal log of wine consumed, complete with notes, tags and comments, price, vintage, winery, etc. One day, when one of us (read: Marc) has an iPhone, we can refer to our wine log while in the wine store in order to find something that we liked in the past. What adorable efficiency!

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