Land of Gin and Pride

I am starting to realize that there is almost nothing that California cannot do, except offer good universal medical insurance and reduce the volume of cars on the freeway. But whatever, they make a pretty smooth gin.


On a unrelated note, we missed the pride parade this weekend in San Francisco. I was looking forward to it but it completely slipped my mind. I am told that it was far more commercial this year than it has been in the past, as evidenced by this paragraph from an article in the Examiner:

“The event was nothing if not star-studded. George Takei, the actor who played Mr. Sulu on the original ‘Star Trek’ series and who revealed his homosexuality in 2005, rode with the Google contingent in Sunday’s parade. “

If Google has a contingent in the parade, I think it’s fairly safe to say that it has gotten commercial.

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